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Digital Marketing Maximum FAQs General

Digital Marketing Maximum  FAQs Onboarding Process have many steps :

  • first Step : We arrange a Meeting to scope out your requirements and understand if we can help.
  • Second Step : Maximum Digital Marketing will arrange a meeting, to further discuss working together.
  • Third Step : We will deliver a proposal, a project plan and deliverables, including costs.
  • Forth Step : You decide if you want to go ahead.
  • Fifth Step : We Sign the Contract by both Sides.
  • Sixth Step : Project kick-off

No, there is no hidden costs by Digital Marketing Maximum . We cover all of our work in the set monthly retainer. However, you’ll need to cover any biddable media spend such as Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Facebook Ads.

you will pay for our management fee separately 

Prices quoted by various agencies will generally take into consideration the differences in depth of service and experience. For Example, a Service that costs $250 contrasted and one that expenses over $1,500 each month isn't probably going to be as successful or as exhaustive.

When getting quotes from digital marketing agencies, ensure you get what the expectations are for the costs they’ve quoted. At Digital Marketing Maximum, we're consistently straightforward and honest with regards to what we will convey in the time we've quoted for. We would say, we want a lot of chance to produce the most ideal outcomes. 

Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 6 PM +3 Moscow Time


If we cannot help you with your marketing needs, we will help you get in touch with someone who can. 

We have built an extensive network of agency partners who we work with regularly and trust. 

No , But thank you!

We aren’t actively hiring right now.

But you are welcome to email us to introduce yourself and tell us about the kind of role you are looking for!

Billing FAQs

you can pay Via different ways such as : 

Bank Transfers:

This is an easy and secure way to pay. You will submit your bank information electronically or through your bank


Credit Card:

We accept Visa, Mastercard 


PayPal : 

You can pay directly from your PayPal account


Perfect Money : 

you can pay us directly from your perfect money wallet

1. 100% Advance Payment

2. 50% Advance and The other 50% will be after deliver the work 

3. Installments As Per the work

1. 100% Advance Payment

Based on the type of the service and the location of the client

2. 50% Advance and The other 50% will be after deliver the work

Based on the type of the service and the location of the client

3. Installments As Per the work

based on the payment history of the client and how long he deal with digital marketing maximum

Sure you can , you can sent us Via email request a cancellation of service.

With Minimum 30 Days notice Period

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is a work that optimize your site to rank for Keywords that clients searches about and furthermore elevates your site to do likewise.

So, Google needs to return the best sites for the particular search inquiry. Digital Marketing Maximum SEO endeavors will tell search engines that your site is one of the best for the inquiry that the client is searching for online.

On-page optimization is a work where we actually configure the content and information that is on your site to rank for Specific Keywords. This work may incorporate things like refreshing meta label information, changing content on explicit pages, or configuring your site with a blog to advance content.

Off-page optimization incorporates the work we do to advance your site outside of your own site. This can incorporate things like visitor blog composing or public statement composing. Digital Marketing Maximum handles these endeavors for you.

 If you own a business or deal with a site of any sort, you probably need main interest groups to visit it. SEO is significant work on the online presence and traffic for a site.

SEO helps you appear at the main phase of your client's excursion, when they are effectively searching for items and administrations you offer, or assets and information for which you have master experiences.

At the point when you initially start implementing SEO techniques, you're probably going to see that nothing changes for a couple of months. We for the most part prescribe 3-6 months to search for any genuine outcomes. Google has around a BILLION sites to look at. Their bots are effective, however it actually requires a significant stretch of time to slither that many locales and start the most common way of ordering.

When contrasted with standard SEO, local SEO Refers to Local Search Engine Optimization. Local SEO becomes an integral factor when clients are searching for items, administrations, or assets close to them continuously.

For instance, a search for "shoes" will yield significantly unexpected outcomes in comparison to a search for "shoes close to me." Local search frequently incorporates locations, which is the reason organizations should keep their Google My Business profile Updated

SEO drives natural traffic to your site that you don't pay for. PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, directs people to your site that you Pay for it's ads. SEO is a long-term Process with enduring outcomes versus PPC which is to a greater extent a fast injection of traffic that doesn't have similar long-Period impacts.

Local SEO is simply optimizing your site to accomplish local search rankings by guaranteeing that your business on survey destinations like Yelp, City Search, Kudzoo, and others.

Your Local SEO Expert spotlights on ensuring that your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) are right and consistent across these postings so Google records your business information and site suitably.

SEO as a more extensive practice centers around optimizing your content - your blog and your site content, in general - to guarantee it's new, exact, and intriguing for search engines.

On-page SEO refers to internally improving your website in order to improve position in search engine rankings and traffic. This includes adding headlines, titles, alt text, internal links, meta descriptions, and images when publishing all content.

Off-page SEO involves focusing on factors that occur outside of the website. This involves backlinks from another website, promotional advertisements, and social media.

Another factor of off-page SEO is domain authority – websites with a higher domain authority are more likely to receive a higher position in SERPs.

Yes, search engines prefer websites that are both user-friendly and search engine-friendly. If your web design is poor and features elements such as pop-ups, illegible text, or slow page speed, it will turn users away. Low traffic and decreased time spent will show search engines your website is no longer relevant or quality.

But good web design features will encourage users to stay on your website, and therefore boost SEO.

Pay Per Click ( PPC )

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is when we place ads on search engines or other websites and drive traffic to your website. you pay for this traffic when someone clicks on your advertisement.

the specific sort of traffic you need to your site. This guarantees that your budget isn't on immaterial traffic. We constantly monitor and make changes to your mission to drive and drive down the expense per-click, grow and increase your click-through-rate, and increment your conversation rates.

How do this? We create extremely targeted Advertisement campaigns and constantly test different variables and ad formats to find the best combination. We also make sure that your website’s landing pages configured for conversion when someone lands on your website.

We perform pay-per-click advertising services for the following search Advertising networks: Google with all types either Search and Display Network, YouTube Ad Network, Bing Ads Network, Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising, Twitter Advertising , TikTok Ads and LinkedIn Advertising.

The advantages of PPC advertisements is that you realize you will be driving important traffic to your website. Dissimilar to a SEO campaigns , PPC ads generate traffic immediately. The thing that matters is that PPC campaigns are more costly on the grounds that you are paying for the click and for the management of the campaign.

One of the best advantages of a PPC campaign is that we get information immediately that lets us know whether or not our promoting is working and the way in which we can make adjustments to ensure that it is performing better.

Digital Marketing Maximum structure your PPC advertising campaigns based around your products and services. We create extremely targeted ads for each individual service. We will never run generic ads because these do not convert.

For example, if you offer interior Designing services, we will identify your best service options. If that option is Villa interior designing , we will create specific ads and landing pages exactly targeted for people looking for Villa interior designing in your area. This ensures that the traffic we are driving to your website is traffic that is looking for what we are providing to them!

Facebook Advertising is different from other forms of paid search advertising because Facebook allows us to run many different types of ad campaigns that might not necessarily be available on the Google , Bing Network and Yandex . 

Also, Facebook Advertising is what we would consider passive advertising instead of active advertising.

active advertising is when we place an ad in front of a user that is actively looking for our product or service. This normally happens on a search network like Google , Yandex or Bing.

Passive advertising is when we place advertisements in front of users that we think they are interesting in our product or service regardless of whether or not they are looking for it at that time.

Paid social media advertising works similarly to paid search advertising in the fact that cost is often on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis — that is, you pay only for the traffic which come to your website from the advertisement. That said, there are two noteworthy differences between paid social media advertising and paid search advertising:

Paid social media advertising is "passive" in that the advertisement which deliver to people that match certain audience criteria as opposed to paid search advertising where the advertisement will deliver to people based on their "active" keyword search on websites like Google, Yandex , YouTube, etc.

Pay Per Click ( PPC ) doesn’t have to be expensive if you set up and optimise your campaigns correctly. It’s all about being intelligent with your targeting and keywords and ensuring you’re monitoring performance closely. You can pause campaigns at any point too so if we find a particular search term is becoming too competitive, there’s always the option to stop and review.

We recommend a minimum monthly budget of $500, but this can vary as some industries are more competitive than others, leading to higher average costs per click.

Each project has different requirements and goals, and as a result it vary from 15-35% from Money Spent on Ads. Digital Marketing Maximum make the costs associated with each project understood upfront with no hidden fees or agendas. To get a customized quote for your pay-per-click campaign, please contact us directly. until you’re ready to start your PPC campaign.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing involves using emails to communicate with consumers about your company’s products, services, special offers, news, and more. A consistent email marketing strategy allows brands to stay in contact with their consumers between purchases in order to keep them updated and engaged. Emails Are also a outstanding manner for brands to build a nurturing dating with leads and convert them into paying clients. 

All of us at Digital Marketing are big believers in email marketing campaigns, as all small businesses should be. Unlike social media platforms, emails are personal and individualized to your most loyal consumers. The email content is designed specifically for individuals who are interested in and have agreed to receive email communications from your company. Emails allow you to communicate directly with your audience, which can turn an interested user into an active consumer.

Our clients work with us to send anywhere from 1-15 emails per month. These include promotional emails, sales emails, and/or newsletters. 


We also build workflows and setup lifecycle emails such as a welcome series, win-back emails, transactional emails, and trigger emails that Work automatically.

Digital Marketing Maximum can work with any list size.

There is no right or wrong length for an email. If you are sharing a monthly newsletter, this is a great opportunity to share a variety of content, including announcements, upcoming events, or other important information.

Businesses can also take advantage of the one-column format to share a single piece of content. This minimalist format is highly readable and aesthetically-pleasing, which is to capture the attention of the viewer. One-column emails are perfect for sharing a blog or event invitation.

The best way to Start with email segmentation is having current and new subscribers choose their email preferences. For current email subscribers, brands can send out an email asking users to choose how often they would like to receive emails and what types of emails they want to receive , whether that is general news, product updates, or events. For new subscribers, brands can offer these same choices on the email subscription page. As brands gain more demographic information and consumer insights on their subscribers, then they will be able to further split up the email list.

When a new user subscribes to your email list, companies should automatically respond with a welcome email. Other common content includes promotions, blogs, newsletters, company announcements, videos, and even testimonials.

Bounce Rate is the percentage of emails that were not delivered to the intended recipient. The best way to improve your bounce rate is by requiring double opt-ins for new subscribers, regularly cleaning your email list, and making sure your emails are not labeled as spam. The average bounce rate for a business is between 2-5% – anything higher should spark further investigation. 

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a general term to describe promoting your business on any of the Different online channels that enable users to create and share content and participate in conversations in public and private communities. There are literally hundreds of social media channels to choose from such as Facebook, Google Business , Twitter, LinkedIn, VK,  Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest, and Others

Facebook, Instagram, Google Business , VK ,youtube , TikTok , Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and others

The Main benefit to having an agency manage your social media campaign is experience.

By focusing specifically on social media, agencies have the ability to stay up-to-date on current trends, tools, advertising strategy, platform changes, and know all of the ins and outs of the various intricacies of social media. 

Yes, for sure . Social media works for every Business.

Social media allows to Develop and Maintain one to one brand-buyer Relationships like no other advertising channel. 

Furthermore, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Have some of the largest audiences and most advanced analytics data in the world.

You can identify your target audience on a hyper-granular level to provide timely, personalized, custom experiences with your brand that will drive long-term brand awareness and engagement.

Yes, we ask that you grant us access to your accounts in order for us to do our job correctly.

Social media is an perfect way to get into potential customers over and over again. It is also a great platform to increase brand exposure and awareness. Some Experts Say that we must interact with a customer almost 16 times before they are ready to take-action with our business. Social media is a great way to keep a consistent message and presence with your potential customers.

Your customer expects you to be on social media and the platform allows you an opportunity to get people talking about your business. Social media is a great way to connect and interact with existing customers and influence potential ones.

No. Certain social media networks are better for certain business types. We will analyze your business and then determine what the best social media networks will be for your business and your business goals. We make sure that you are on networks that will return on your investment and not waste your time.

Web Design and Development

Yes! Word of mouth can be great, but a majority of consumers find and research companies online before making any purchases. An online presence gives your company credibility and boosts brand awareness. Plus, websites are an avenue for endless marketing strategies, including e-commerce, online customer service, and consumer engagement.

With how quick innovation transforms, Recommendation is to review your site to some extent once Every two years . When planning a site, make certain to remember fostering a plan that will endure everyday hardship. We comply with the possibility that basic and moderate plan that conveys information rapidly and effectively will be in all the time.

In the event that you are uncertain about whether you Should Update Your Website or not, demand one of our free Website Audit that will distinguish expected areas of progress and issues that you may be having with your site innovation.

Yes, all of our website designs and development of websites will be optimized for the four standard screen sizes (large desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone). Over 70% of website traffic comes from mobile devices so we put a huge emphasis on making sure that your website performs on every single screen that someone might be viewing your site on.

This questions depends on what type of business you are in, but, in general, websites should consist of the following pages: Home, About the Company, Services/Products offered, Case Studies/Testimonials, Blog, and a Contact Us page.

If you are not sure what Should be on your website, don’t worry. Digital Marketing Maximum team of experts always performs a deep-dive of your business to make sure that we are including all of the exact pages you need to make your product or service shine.

blogs are extremely important because they allow you to do a few things:

  • blogs allow you to consistently update your website with new and pertinent information about your business or the industry that you are in. Constantly updated websites are important because it tells search engines that the website is up-to-date and keeping up with latest trends.
  • Give you the opportunity to show that you are an expert in your specific industry by posting articles about specific topics that are related to your business.
  • Give you plenty of shareable content to post on social media and reach new potential clients.
  • Allow you to target extremely specific keywords that may be low hanging fruit that could generate a large influx of traffic to your website.
  • Blogs are so important to help generate traffic to your website and better search engine rankings. We cannot stress this enough.

Each and every business website is completely different. Websites will fall anywhere in the range of $200 to $10,000 depending on the complexity of the project. Sites that require customization will be on the higher end of the spectrum versus websites that only require basic information and minimal functionality.

Digital Marketing Maximum uses whatever tools and technology will be most effective for your business. We will determine what platform makes the most sense for your business and then design and develop your site based on that. But, for specifics, we are versed on platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Custom PHP based sites, and many more.

No, and the reason is simple. While these platforms work well for ma and pa type shops, they do not perform as well as other platforms when it comes to search engine rankings and do not allow us the flexibility to create a site that is designed for conversion and search engine ranking results.

Of course! All of our projects start with a design phase that is based on a website questionnaire that takes into account your likes and tastes. The other great part? We design until we get it right, which means no revision limitations like most other companies place on their website designs.

Good websites turn traffic into customers, rank for search results, and allow the end-user the flexibility to use the platform easily. Bad websites do the complete opposite. We build the good kind and train you up on how to use the platform after development to make sure that you know what you are doing and can continue to use your business investment.

its all starts with a strong and technically sound website. A company can go out and pay a boatload of money for an incredible website design, but if the website does not generate traffic, what good is it? We make sure that we configure your website to the highest technical SEO standards, which ensures that any additional promotion of your website will be worth the while. A poorly configured website from a technical SEO standpoint will suffer no matter how much effort goes into the SEO process.

With that being said, just because you develop a new website does not mean that it will come up in search engine rankings automatically, especially for competitive keywords. The website is important, and without it you will fail from an SEO standpoint, but the promotion of the website after development is just as, if not more, important.

yes, of course. More often than not we will look to do a complete website re-design, but only if it is needed. Sometimes websites only need slight technical SEO configurations and a few minor adjustments to the design. There is no reason to re-design a well-designed website. Instead, Digital Marketing Maximum can take the existing design, maximize the technical SEO configurations, and then begin promoting the website online.

This question depends on the functionality requirements of the website. Website projects can range anywhere from two weeks to a few months. With Digital Marketing Maximum, we will take you through the following development process no matter how simple or complex the project is: Planning and Discovery, Site Architecture, Content Development, Design, Development, Launch, and Warranty.

Yes. We stand by our products and service 100% of the time. We have a 30-day bug testing period that normally allows us to hash out any bugs or issues that we may be experiencing. However, if something breaks on your website unexpectedly, we will be there to fix it and get you back up and running assuming the break was not caused by some other additional developer that was working on the site.

Yes, yes, and yes. You own everything we design and develop. Don't trust web developers that make you pay a monthly fee and then threaten to turn off your website if you stop paying.

The answer is simple: WordPress. For starters, WordPress makes it easy to customize and update your website. There are thousands of different themes and plugins to choose from, which means you can turn the website you have always wanted into a reality.

Once you create content, you want to share it with your audience as soon as possible. WordPress’s intuitive editor allows businesses to easily format and publish content.

Digital Marketing

Lead generation involves collecting potential customer information, including names, emails, addresses, and phone numbers. This information will then allow brands to contact users in order to boost interest in products and services, and ultimately, improve sales. Job applications, email subscriptions, events, and online content are all great sources for lead generation. 

Buyer persona is a fictional consumer that represents a brand’s target audience. The persona possesses all the characteristics of the company’s ideal customer, including demographic, interests, and behavior. A buyer persona helps brands better understand their customer’s needs, experiences, challenges, and goals, in order to better market to and serve them.

Market automation is the process of using technology or software to automate repetitive marketing tasks across multiple channels. Rather than manually controlling campaigns, brands can use automation services to successfully plan, manage, and measure efforts on social media, email, text, and website.  

Marketing automation is beneficial because it helps companies streamline their marketing efforts and nurture leads more effectively. Brands can set up automated messages to users based on predetermined behavior triggers. For example, if a consumer adds a product to their online shopping cart but exits the website before checking out, the marketing automation software will send an automated message to the user to remind them of their abandoned shopping cart. 

No! Digital advertising helps businesses accomplish numerous goals, including increasing sales. Digital ads serve to generate leads, increase brand awareness, and attract potential customers

UI stands for user interface. This refers to anything that the user sees and interacts with on a digital platform.

UX stands for user experience. It refers to how a user feels while interacting with the interface. You always want the user to enjoy the experience on your site. 

Yes, both are important for your Google rankings. User interface is the technical piece of SEO while the way that the user navigates through the site influences important metrics, like bounce rate, time on page, and click-through. Google takes all of these into consideration when ranking pages.  

A domain authority score predicts how likely a website is to rank based on its relevance within a specific industry or topic area. Each website has score on a scale of 1 to 100, with 100 being the best. This means the higher the domain authority score, the more likely the website is to rank on search engine result pages. 

A page authority score predicts how well a specific page will rank on search engine result pages. Page authority is based on number of quality links, use of images, and presence of relevant content. Similar to domain authority, page authority is also Rank on a scale of 1 to 100

Guest blogging involves writing a blog post for another company’s website. 

An impression occurs when a user sees your content, regardless of whether it was clicked or not. The number of impressions will always be higher than the reach rate because one user can account for multiple impressions. This metric can be used to quantify the number of views for ads, social media posts, web pages, and apps.

Reach is the total number of users who saw your piece of content, including followers and non-followers. Unlike impressions, reach is the number of clicks and engagements your content receives. Any unique user that likes, comments, or shares your content is a reach 

Engagement occurs when users interact with your digital content. This includes liking, sharing, commenting, answering polls, or clicking on links. By measuring measurement, brands can determine the effectiveness of an ad campaign, webpage, social media post, or Blog.

Conversion optimization is the process of increasing the number of website visitors that convert into active customers. But improving your website’s user experience, users are more likely to complete the desired action on the page, so most Probably they will signup for your email or they will complete the transaction.

The best ways to improve user experience is by removing unnecessary content, annoying pop-ups, offer guarantees, provide live support, and add testimonials or reviews.

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